Monday, October 7, 2019

The one with the teepee slumber party

Wow Haddie is SEVEN and I can hardly believe it! In the past we have had some pretty cool birthday parties but none have topped what I was able to pull off for her party this past weekend!! This year, she asked me to keep her party a secret and to surprise her with wherever her party was going to be. I came across this company who help host the ultimate sleepover and it was a done deal. 

Haddie has had a couple sleepovers at some friends houses before but we have never hosted or had a true sleepover at our house. She has begged and pleaded for me to let her have a friend over for a slumber party for a while now but when you don't know too many of the parents of the kids at school you wonder if anyone would even be ok with letting their kids come over for a whole night. Well I worked hard and met some moms and luckily, we easily found 4 friends who could come over for a one of a kind slumber party!

When I saw Jen's business, @tinyteepeezzz, I knew it was the perfect idea for Haddie's birthday. I reached out and got a reply right away. It was such an easy process to book the party and Jen was great at walking me through each step: where, when, for how many, extra activities etc. She has so many extra add-ons for cheap that you can pick to spice up the party and keep those kiddos busy! We went with the karaoke machine (a huge hit!) the adorable rainbow donut wall (fits 9 donuts) and pillow case design activity for the girls which was a good fill in activity to keep five 7 years olds occupied. She has multiple boys and girls themes to choose from, from unicorns to Minecraft!

Jen came to the house the morning of the party and set up every teepee and every detail all on her own, making this moms job waaaay less stressful. While she set up, I was able to get the smaller details of the party done. The best part about this is she even came back the next day and packed it all back up! While I was sitting in my kitchen literally crying at how precious these girls were in their teepees I thought about how much less stressful this actually was than trying to squeeze so many activities into only a few hours with a boat load of children, parents and even siblings running amuck in some small space at some expensive party place. This made my life so much easier!

I've never seen my daughter's face so lit up than I did this night. She, and her friends, all said multiple times that this was the best day ever! I realize I totally screwed myself for future parties haha but the memories we have are seriously priceless. I can't thank @tinyteepeezz enough for this thought out, creative and adorable idea and the help executing the most perfect slumber party ever! Now with my birthday just around the corner, and them offering ADULT TEEPEE PARTIES I think I might have my party half way planned out already haha!

If you want to be the coolest parent on the planet for at least one night, book a party with @tinyteepeezzz and you won't regret it! 

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